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Welcome to the Student/Parent/Guardian Portal in Infinite Campus


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Infinite Campus Portal App for Apple iOS or Droid (not for teachers at this time)

1. Download the free Infinite Campus App from your app store

2. Launch the App and Enter the District name:  White Plains
3. Select the State:  New York

4. Tap on White Plains School District

5. Enter your username and password  (Students: same as the computer network in school)

6. Tap Login


 Guidelines for Assignments in the Parent/Guardian Portal of Infinite Campus

Teachers will be expected to post grades for tests, quizzes, and assignments in their Infinite Campus gradebook no later than 10 school days after the assignment due date (with the exception of assignments submitted by students past the due date).

During the 10-day window, teachers may assign any of the following comments prior to posting actual grades

T=Turned In

Teachers will notify parents/guardians through the portal of grade assignments for long term projects (i.e., term papers, and other major writing assignments) indicating that a particular assignment’s grades will be posted by a specific date that is later than normal guidelines indicated above.

• Students will be expected to monitor their own grades for accuracy. In the event that a student believes a grade is inaccurate, he or she will bring the concern to the attention of the teacher.

-Bring a grading concern to the attention of their guidance counselor if a grading concern that was raised with the teacher has not been adequately addressed.
-Bring the grading concern to the subject area coordinator if a grading concern that was raised with the guidance counselor has not been adequately addressed.

• Parents/Guardians are expected to monitor their child’s grades in to provide further support and supervision as needed

-Hard copy progress reports will ONLY be mailed home for those students with in-progress cumulative course average of 70% or below from the beginning of the course to the date of the printed progress report. 
-Hard copy report cards will continue to be mailed home for all students.

• Parents/Guardians are expected to encourage their child to bring any grading concerns to his or her teacher. Parents are encouraged to follow up directly with the teacher as needed.

Bring a grading concern to the attention of the subject area coordinator (high school level) or building administrator (middle school level) only after that grading concern has been raised directly with the teacher and has not been resolved.


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